Saturday, 23 February 2019

MSWA Albany Ride takes place on public roads that are open to general traffic. Traffic management systems are in place along the course and these may include:

  • marshals along the course;
  • mobile support vehicles along the course; and
  • course signage.

Participants must abide by all road rules and obey the direction of police and any traffic marshals.

Ride within the law

Standard road rules that apply to motorists also apply to cyclists. Police will be on the road and will fine those who:

  • do not wear a helmet;
  • do not stop at pedestrian crossings;
  • fail to keep left;
  • ride more than two abreast;
  • ride in a dangerous manner; and
  • use a mobile phone whilst riding.

Staying safe

For your safety and the safety of other cyclists, volunteers, and the general public please follow the tips below:

  • always wear your helmet when cycling;
  • no iPods or earphones allowed;
  • abide by the road rules;
  • obey directions from Police, traffic marshals and event staff;
  • always ride with the traffic on the left hand side of the road;
  • use hand signals if turning left or right or stopping;
  • only pass to the right of another rider and call out ‘passing‘ when doing so;
  • it is your responsibility to follow the course signage; and
  • keep a look out for marshals holding signs to alert you of hazardous areas ahead.

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MSWA Albany Ride

Saturday, 23 February 2019



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